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Professional Home Theater and Surround Sound installation services: We are Boise Idaho’s premiere Home Theater design and installation Company. No matter your needs, from surround sound in the family room to dedicated home theaters we have the expertise to handle your next audio video project. Give us a call and see what we can do for you!

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Home Theater Multi-Use Entertainment & Media Rooms

Not everyone wants to dedicate an entire room to a custom home theater. The family room is still where most families watch TV and movies together. We can achieve great results and provide a high quality movie experience.

At Boise Home Theater we help you create the best entertainment environment possible by taking into consideration lighting, equipment placement, room layout and usage. Our goal is to enhance the aesthetics of your room, locating equipment out of site and hiding wires from view. We can custom-design a system that fits your taste, budget, and lifestyle.

Videos come to life on crisp High Definition 4k displays and Dolby Atmos sound systems. Large TV’s or motorized screens with laser projectors your ability to control your system is as important as the equipment itself. We make it a priority to design easy-to-use surround sound home cinema systems that incorporate the cleanest and least complicated user interface possible. From a single remote or touch screen we make it easy to stream a movie, watch the game or listen to your favorite music. With the press of a single button. Turn on all the equipment, dim the lights, adjust the thermostat and settle into comfortable theater seating. Feel the thrill of a high quality, professionally designed and installed home theater.

A immersive movie experience is about more than just the video though. Lighting, audio and seating are key components to the total overall presentation. We can design a three dimensional soundscape that will be more realistic and believable than any traditional surround sound theater systems. Using quality American made speakers and Dolby Atmos technology your home theater will provide a more realistic experience than ever before. By installing dimable lighting and multi color LED strips we can set the exact mood. Wall sconces, art lighting, walkway lights and seat platform lighting all controllable and designed to enhance the aesthetics of the room and complete the illusion of a fully immersive movie experience.

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The Evolution of Audio

First There Was 2 channel stereo

Stereo sound is an audio technology that uses two separate audio channels to create a sense of width and depth in the soundscape. By placing speakers to the left and right of the listener, stereo sound mimics the way we naturally hear sounds, providing a more realistic and spatial audio experience. This dual channel setup allows for the distinct placement of instruments and vocals in music, enhancing the overall listening experience by creating a more immersive and natural sound field. Stereo sound is widely used in music recordings, home audio systems, and various media to deliver high-quality audio with a sense of directionality and dimension. For best results the listener must be centered between the two speakers.

Then There Was Surround Sound

Surround sound is an audio technology designed to create a more immersive listening experience by using multiple speakers positioned around the listener. Unlike traditional stereo systems that use two channels, surround sound systems typically use five or more channels to distribute audio across various speakers placed in front, beside, and behind the listener. This setup allows for a more dynamic and spatially accurate reproduction of sound, making it feel as if audio elements are coming from different directions. This enhances the realism and depth of the audio experience, whether in movies, music, or gaming, by providing a more engaging and enveloping soundscape.

Finally, Dolby Atmos: The immersive experience

Dolby Atmos is a cutting edge audio technology that delivers an immersive, three dimensional sound experience, transforming the way we perceive audio in movies, music, and gaming. Unlike traditional surround sound systems that operate on fixed channels, Dolby Atmos allows sound to be precisely placed and moved in three dimensional space, including over head, creating a more realistic and enveloping audio environment. This object based audio technology enhances the listener’s sense of presence and immersion, making it feel as if the sounds are coming from all around and even above, providing a rich, dynamic, and lifelike auditory experience.

Sean and Kyle were professional, knowledgeable and attentive while they were installing my projector mount and related hardware. They were able to schedule me within about 2 weeks after I initially contacted them and the quote I received was reasonable and accurate to what I was eventually charged. Sean and Kyle were very diligent about keeping my house clean during their work and were good-natured the entire time. I appreciated them letting me be involved in the install as I was curious about several aspects. It’s obvious that Sean has a lot of industry experience and I would highly recommend Innotech to anyone looking to upgrade their home A/V setup.
Matt Shanaberger
Innotech Home Installed Theater & Home A/V

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