Structured Wiring

There are many steps in the process of building a home. Start with a strong foundation. It is crucial that these first steps towards integrating these new technologies is a properly designed structured wiring platform.

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Structured Wiring & Cabling Systems

A structured wiring system is more than just a random set of cables run throughout the house Structured wiring forms the backbone of any smart home. High performance Cat 5 and Cat 6 cabling, professional distribution modules and convenient connectors provide the infrastructure base that brings homes to life.

Our structured wiring installations are designed to bring together each subsystem into one fully integrated and robust network while also accommodating upgrades and allowing for future additions to your system.

Whether you’re upgrading your system, constructing a new home or doing a remodel, this infrastructure is key to having reliable service for all your home network, security and entertainment systems.

We would highly recommend Sean and Innotech Integration Group for anyone’s business and/or home needs. The entire team is professional, efficient and when the job is done you will never even know they were there! Sean always goes the extra mile to conceal wiring and mount all equipment in the best possible places! We would also recommend following his camera placement recommendations!
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Structured Wiring

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