Outdoor Lighting

Landscape / architectural lighting offers several advantages, both aesthetic and practical. Outdoor lighting can dramatically improve the appearance of your outdoor space. It adds depth and dimension to your landscape design, highlighting architectural features, trees, plants, and other elements. It can create a beautiful and inviting atmosphere, increasing the size of your outdoor living spaces and provides a welcoming atmosphere for you and your guests. Our architectural and landscape lighting installations will take your outdoor spaces to new heights.

Smart Lighting Installation service

Experience The Art of Illumination

With Innotech Integration’s Smart Lighting Installation service, you’re not just getting lighting; you’re acquiring a canvas for creativity, an avenue for convenience, and a stage for emotions. Whether you’re indoors, enjoying your evening read, or outdoors, savoring a starlit night, let our smart lighting solutions elevate your spaces to new heights of sophistication and charm. Give us a call for a free in yard demo of this new revolution in outdoor lighting.

Pathway Lighting

One of the primary practical benefits of landscape lighting is improved safety. Well placed lights can illuminate walkways, driveways, and stairs, reducing the risk of tripping and falling. It also helps deter potential intruders by eliminating dark hiding spots around your property. It also adds depth and character to these spaces. Using zoning technology we can add prominence to walkways with brighter white light while creating depth in space using contrasting warmer white hues in areas such as grass and ground cover plants.

Area Lighting

Area lighting increases the perceived and usable size of your outdoor space. It increases appeal by adding depth and contrasting layers to the visual. In a traditional outdoor lighting system design you would be limited by the designers vision for your space. Our outdoor lighting installations put the power back into your hands and allow you virtually limitless design variations all from the app on your phone.

Up Lighting

Up lighting is the most visually appealing lighting technique for many people. It casts contrasting levels of light onto a object to make it stand out in the space. It could be a water feature, tree, rock grouping, anything that you want to make a center point of a outdoor space. Up lights draw the eye to the object and place it in a position of prominence. With traditional outdoor and landscape lighting installations you would not have the flexibility to change the look of that visual focal point. With FxLuminaire and Innotech Integration that is no longer a limiting factor.

Architectural & Hardscape

Architectural or hardscape lighting allows you to extend your outdoor living space well into the evening. You can comfortably enjoy your garden, patio, or outdoor seating areas after dark, making your property more versatile and enjoyable. Well placed lighting can change the feel and look of your outdoor entertaining areas. Dimming lights to create a warmer and more inviting sitting area or throw in a splash of color on the up lights to introduce a festive atmosphere.


Total Outdoor lighting Solutions


Zoning allows light to be programmed into preset groups.


Dimming allows lights to emit any desired illumination percentage.


Choose from a spectrum of 30,000 vibrant possibilities.

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