Networking and WIFI

From simple network location wiring to large area outdoor WIFi installations, Innotech Integration is Boise Idaho’s premier home network and WiFi service provider. We can fix all of your WiFi woes and deliver increased wireless coverage inside or outside of your home or business.

secure network at home

Networking & WiFi Home or Business

We can add more wireless access points indoors and out, upgrade the equipment provided by your internet service provider to an enterprise grade router. We can add switches and hardwired locations increasing internet connection for the growing number of internet enabled devices.

These days, more people than ever before are connected to the digital backbone of society. Whether we’re Facebooking, posting pictures of family or using our home office to participate in a video conference our dependence on a secure network at home is of growing importance. Anyone who has experienced a loss of service or poor WiFi coverage knows how frustrating it can be to suddenly be without internet when you expect it to perform. We can improve your wireless internet connection and optimize your home network.

A reliable data network is a must for communication between electronic devices in the home. Hard-wired or wireless access to the internet for streaming services and the assorted connected devices (see TV Mounting) is critical. From security cameras to home automation and entertainment, network infrastructure is the backbone of the modern connected home.

Innotech did a great job on my project. I needed solid WiFi throughout the house, and a secure connection for my office computers. Both of these request were delivered well beyond expectations. Now I never lose WiFi coverage, and I always feel safe on my computers. Innotech is who I will always use for my technology needs.
Steven G.
Home Networking

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