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Your Automated Outdoor Patio Shades Expert!

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Embracing the beauty of the outdoors shouldn’t come at the cost of comfort or convenience. At Innotech Integration, we’re on a mission to transform your outdoor spaces into seamless extensions of your lifestyle. With the power of Clara Outdoor Shades and Control4 Automation, our motorized outdoor shades installation services redefine how you experience the great outdoors.
Motorized outdoor shades redefine the art of outdoor living. Picture being able to effortlessly adjust sunlight levels, create instant privacy, or shield yourself from the elements—all with a simple touch. With Clara’s state-of-the-art technology and Control4’s intuitive automation, Innotech Integration ensures that your outdoor sanctuary remains perfectly attuned to your every whim.

Unveiling Effortless Comfort

Elevate Your Outdoor Lifestyle Today

Why settle for an ordinary outdoor space when you can have one that dances to your tune? Innotech Integration’s motorized outdoor shades installation services, coupled with Clara Outdoor Shades and Control4 Automation, unlock a world of possibilities. Reach out to us now to explore how our services can transform your outdoor haven into a realm of dynamic relaxation and entertainment. With Innotech Integration, Clara, and Control4, your outdoor moments become an extraordinary blend of luxury and functionality.

What Makes Clara Shades Different?

Clara outdoor shades use a mix of unique technology features including Zip-Fed and Ultra-Lock. We believe that security and protection features are more important than ever when talking about outdoor shades. Clara outdoor fabrics offer strength and beauty while the built in safety features make it difficult for anyone to remove the shades from their locked position.

This technology, partnered with heavy-duty weight bars offers outstanding performance over large spans. They lock the system into place, keeping the fabrics secure and ensuring no one can easily remove the shades from the outside.

Another feature that comes with our outdoor shades is the fabric tensioning system from Ultra-Lock technology. To learn more about this technology, let’s take a look at the following short video demonstrating its features:

This heavy-duty and strong latching pin, when matched with an integrated design, ensures total reliability.

While the Ultra-Lock system ensures total reliability thanks to its heavy-duty latching pin and integrated design, the Zip-fed technology also acts as a pillar in the strength of our products. This technology is concealed on the inside of the side rails and securely holds the fabric in position, creating a strong streamlined finish with zeros gaps and effortless operation.

Clara Outdoor Shades’ motorization solutions also come with Impact Detection, which stops the shade when it encounters an obstacle, preventing any unwanted surprises when they are closing. When the shade detects an obstacle hitting the weight bar, the shade will automatically move up just above the obstruction.

create an atmosphere that seamlessly adapts to your desires

Efficiency Meets Elegance in Automation

Motorized shades are more than just a convenience; they’re a triumph of modern technology. The ability to control your shades remotely through your smartphone or by voice isn’t just a luxury—it’s a way to streamline your daily routine and create an atmosphere that seamlessly adapts to your desires. With Control4 and Innotech Integration at the helm, your outdoor space becomes an orchestrated symphony of comfort and style.

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