What Are The Steps of Setting Up A Home Theater, Multi-Use Entertainment, or Media Room?

If you want to create the home theater setup of your dreams, there are different types of technology to verse yourself in, decisions to be made on placement for the best experience, and knowledge needed on how to integrate everything to make it all works together. If you have access to a professional home theater installer, consider drawing on their expertise for a stress-free experience.

Innotech Integration Group can efficiently work through the following home theater installation steps and guarantee a clean and easy-to-use interface:

Step One: Choose Technology and Features for Your Home Theater, Multi-Use Entertainment, or Media Room

If you’re building a home theater from scratch, it’s nice to make sure each piece of technology looks good in your room, and it’s invaluable to make sure each component integrates into the whole system. Since there can be a lot of nuance to this process, it can be very disappointing to get everything set up by yourself, only to learn it won’t work how you hoped. The expertise of a professional home theater installer is a wise investment!

At Innotech Integration Group, we’re skilled in installing and integrating the following systems to enhance the experience of your home theater or media room:

  • High Definition 4k displays
  • Audio sound systems (ceiling/wall speakers/surround sound receivers)
  • Lighting
  • Internet Radio (Pandora, Spotify)
  • Streaming Services (Netflix, Amazon)

Step Two: Design and Build Your Space

During this stage of your home theater installation, many people who try a DIY process realize they are in over their heads. Even if they’re great at choosing the items to go into a room, they begin to realize setting up systems can be difficult to near-impossible: some systems require new wiring in your home; it can be complex to choose the best placement for items such as speakers; reading eight different manuals can be overwhelming!

InnoTech Integration Group can help you plan and build the perfect space to enhance the aesthetics of your home, wire for your low voltage needs, recommend the best placement of systems, and hide wires from view. We often have solutions for spaces our clients haven’t considered!

Step Three: Wiring and Configuring Home Theater Systems

It’s become increasingly common these days to connect your audio-visual technology to a home automation system. This has many advantages, including hands-free control of the system and easier access to streaming services (for both video and music). If you go this route, you’ll have to make sure all the equipment you want to automate matches the service you already have.

Many modern homes are wired for automation already, and if you have one of those, the job of setting up a theater system is much easier. If you’re in an older house or if you aren’t sure how to start, you should hire someone qualified in structural wiring to help you.

InnoTech Integration Group is licensed to perform low-voltage wiring, skilled in designing easy-to-use systems, and is certified in Control4 home automation systems. We know how to install and integrate all of your home theater systems for easy control from one screen.

Hiring A Professional to Wire your Home Theater System with Confidence

Getting all of your home theater systems adequately set up the first time will save you many headaches down the line, and the pros are the ones who have the tools and certifications. They want you to benefit from their years of experience. You don’t want to end up with a cobbled-together mish-mash of technologies.

If you’re in the Boise, Idaho area, schedule a consultation with InnoTech Integration Group to discuss what will work with your space, your budget, and your dreams. Then, get ready to enjoy an in-home theater-like experience watching movies or hosting your next gaming tournament!

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