Why hire Innotech Integration Group to install your Home Theater?

There’s never been a better time to install a home theater than the present. The global pandemic has begun making movie theaters obsolete; an increasing number of studios are streaming their new releases straight into the home.

Fortunately, technological advances in audio, video and smart-home technology have created intelligent solutions that help us surpass the experience we find in most cinemas. And they can do it while bringing exceptional value, security, and convenience to the home. Let us show you how we can help you reap all the benefits of a professional home theater installation.

Advantages of the Home Theater

While some homeowners may opt for a dedicated home theater, we can help you modify almost any room to serve that purpose. The benefits you’ll see immediately include:

  • No more waiting in lines or dealing with cinema crowds; enjoy theatrical quality releases safely from the comfort of your home
  • Saving more as a family by paying per view, not per person
  • Getting more quality out of all your video streaming services like Hulu and Netflix
  • Enhancing your gaming experience
  • Going beyond surround-sound with optional Dolby Atmos ceiling-mounted speakers for complete audio immersion
  • Increased home value when using professional installation

Get More with Control4 and Savant

To control your home theater, we offer Control4 and Savant. But these are not tools just for your home theater. They provide a single interface from which you can control your home’s entire intelligence system.

For example, Control4 is the primary tool for home automation. It’s compatible with over 15,000 connected devices, fully customizable, and integrates with Alexa and Google Assistant apps. It’s scalable, so you can add more components to the system whenever you want. Use it to manage your:

  • Home theater
  • Home security
  • Smart lighting
  • Home intercom
  • Whole-Home Audio
  • Thermostats, blinds, doors, appliances, and any other component of your smart home

Control4 lets you issue commands by touch, voice, or even remotely. Unlock your doors to let friends or family in when you’re not home, check on your kids through your security cameras, or turn on the thermostat to warm up your home before you arrive.

Benefits of Professional Installation

It might be tempting to attempt an installation like this on your own, but you’ll more than likely wind up spending more time and money on an inferior result. However, when you ask us to complete your installation, you get:

  • Certified Control4 intelligent home automation solution providers
  • Boise’s premier home distributed and immersive audio installation company
  • Hardwired solutions that give you incredible convenience, security, and peace of mind when you’re at home or away
  • Customized installation by technicians using specialized, purpose-built tools and skills to complete the task at hand
  • A professionally finished, fully integrated home theater (or home) that you can control with one app
  • The ability to add additional systems to your network with ease and independently of us
  • A home with significantly increased value

We also offer Savant solutions. If you’re ready to have your dream home theater, contact InnoTech Integration for a quote.

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