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The Importance of Good Wi-Fi

Home Wi-Fi needs to be ready for the future of connectivity. It is integral to the growth of society, the home, and the family. In these modern times, working and learning from home has never been more common. Having a reliable signal has become critical to success. It can be very frustrating when your Wi-Fi signal is inconsistent, drops out at the worst times, or doesn’t reach a section of your home. These are more than just minor inconveniences. These setbacks can have horrible consequences.

Imagine not being able to attend an online work conference or not being able to submit a contract before the deadline. The cost of an unreliable signal is real. That’s why a weak Wi-Fi signal, an inadequate range, or dead zones in a signal area are unacceptable.

Wi-Fi is ubiquitous. Every year more products are made that use Wi-Fi, from the obvious ones like T.V.s and computers to the less apparent but equally important home security systems and home automation systems! Even apps let users lock their doors and turn off the lights from their phones when they are hundreds of miles away. The average home now has more devices connected to Wi-Fi than devices hard-lined to the router.

It’s no stretch to say that Wi-Fi is integral to modern life, and there is no reason to think that will change.

What Are The Common Causes For Wi-Fi Issues?

Wi-Fi is a revolution in technology. Think about how much it has changed our daily lives in just the last ten years. Already, we’re at the point where many devices won’t even function correctly without Wi-Fi. How will it continue to shape the future of technology and our interactions? The modern home is perpetually connected to internet systems that make our lives easier. There is no shortage of factors that can dampen or ruin the Wi-Fi signal’s strength and range. Here are just a few things that can affect it:

  • The distance between the Wi-Fi router and the connected device, which of course, may change as it moves from one area to another.
  • Competing signals from other sources of Wi-Fi are set to the same frequency and older devices. This can be especially problematic in offices and apartment buildings.
  • Features of a home or office construction can interfere with Wi-Fi. Things like concrete, brick, and glass walls with metal frames will limit or eliminate a weak Wi-Fi signal.

How Can InnoTech Integration Solve Your Wi-Fi Issues?

In the modern era, for every technological problem, there is often a solution. Located in Boise, Idaho, InnoTech Integration is Idaho’s go-to source for home and commercial network systems and Wi-Fi setup. Contact us today to see what we can do for you and get a quote for your home or business. Visit us online to see the full range of our services.

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