Why choose Innotech Integrations to setup your smart home environment

Some projects pay a lot of dividends if you can learn to do them yourself. However, setting up a smart home environment is not one of those DIY projects. Hiring a pro will ensure that the installation is safe and completed skillfully.

Our pros at InnoTech Integration have the best training in networking, wiring, audio-visual technology and low voltage contracting around Boise. We have gathered the most appropriate tools and resources to complete your home automation project.

Benefits of Hiring InnoTech Integration Group

Our highly trained technicians will present the following benefits in your home:

  • Experience that guarantees you’re in good hands and that you will get the best product for your particular installation.
  • Extensive industry knowledge offers you the inside track on a truly customized installation based on your project’s scale and personal preferences. We know that every project is different.
  • Due to the vast number of projects we’ve completed, our professional installers can foresee any difficulties and avoid them. This intuition allows for a more cost-effective installation with better results and less frustration for you.
  • We use the same technology in our own homes as we provide to customers because we believe in the products, want to keep our families safe, and feel they enhance our lives.
  • Our pros will optimize the system for reliable performance.
  • After installation, our dealers leave you with a system to adjust to the features you desire.
  • We offer you the benefit of upgrades and servicing continuously or as the need arises.

Why You Should Avoid DIY

While completing a DIY project can give you a sense of achievement, it does pose some risks. We specialize in helping you avoid such troubles. Here are some risks that you can expose your home to by installing a home automation system yourself.

  • Sub-Standard Installations: Notwithstanding your automation system’s quality, you may fail to get the wiring right. A fault in the wiring could expose your home to future fire hazards and ruined electrical appliances.
  • Exposure to Cyber-attacks: Your DIY installation may not include a suitable cybersecurity installation. The oversight can lead to the loss of data and personal information to hackers. Our pros can help you navigate through this by running security checks and upgrades regularly.
  • Lack of Insurance Cover: No insurance company can accept installations that do not involve professionals. You will have to incur financial losses if your project causes any form of accident. Our company has insurance that extends to the professional technicians too.
  • Disappointment: Homeowners who are inexperienced in installing and using smart home devices sometimes have unrealistic expectations. For example, they may make assumptions about what features smart products have when working in conjunction with other devices. Experience with products allows our professionals to know exactly what a particular product will and will not do.

InnoTech Integration Group Can Professionally Install Your Smart Home Environment

Opting for DIY home automation installation can lead to frustration even when you have tried to use sophisticated devices. A simple mismatch may cost you more than you intended to save. To avoid such a scenario, let our professionals handle it for you.

InnoTech Integration Group is a leader in home automation services around Boise, Eagle, and Meridian, Idaho. We are certified in both Control4 installation specialties. Contact us now and get your quote for a top-quality smart home automation solution.

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